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  1. NOT official Empire Minecraft Multiplayer Games & Events
    Welcome to the home of the extra SMP games & events thread.
    This thread, it's information, content and related it's not official, and it's not being run by EMC staff.

    Hi guys,
    Today i launch another of my crazy ideas, this time it's going to be a little experiment of 'extra' games and maps that will be hosting some events.
    The concept it's an MC server not related to Empire Minecraft servers which will eventually host different epic games and events.
    Here i will post and edit diferent games we will be hosting, with the rules and information.

    Race for the wool - map
    When: Not stated yet
    Who: All the EMC players are invited to play this multiplayer event, they must fill an application first
    Where: Delta Team server (ip will be sended via Skype or PM to the interested people)
    Staff: copherfield
    What: The 'race for the wool' map it's a multiplayer map for 2 teams (4 players each) in which players adventure on a 32-block wide platform looking to find and place different wool colours which are located on secret chests all over the map, they must make usage of their strategy skills and take advantage of the different 'tools' the map offers to attack the other team.

    The application form it's:
    Time (GMT) i can be online:
    Days i can be online at that time:
    I've played this before (yes or no):

    ---- More games to come.
  2. GMT is what again?

    Days i can be online at that time: Mon-Fri
    Ive played this before: Nope, Seems Fun!
  3. copher? Am I a delta team member yet? If I am can i help with the building?
  4. copher am I?
  5. Time (GMT) i can be online: 5:30-8:00 (not on solid) on solid 5:30-6:30
    Days i can be online at that time:Fri.-Sun.
    I've played this before (yes or no):nope but sounds kool!