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  1. So, today I decided to see what was going on in Smp6. I've only been there once and that was to see their wild spawn. Today I got on and spawned in the middle of the ocean with LOTS of items such as, chicken, 11 iron, some cooked chicken, bonemeal, etc. I tried to get back to spawn and died. Then, I had to go to Smp4 for something, and ended up spawning IN LAVA in the nether. The last time I was there I was in someones house buying logs. Can anyone explain this????
  2. I would suggest changing your password to ensure someone else, either in your household or out, is not using your account. Do you play minecraft in more then one location?
  3. hmmm thats not good

  4. It has to be aliens. But really, check with your friends or change your password.
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  5. That is crazy, it can only be aliens.
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  6. No. but ill change my password now