Not having fun

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by RascalPlayz, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. not having fun because no more res :(
  2. Your last post made it a bit clear. The reason we can not have open residences (though I still see a few open) is because people that accidentally updated would complain if their residences were reset since they thought they couldn't get on (there's probably a better reason as well). If you're not having fun, maybe try something else to make you happy, at least until we can get the residential situation sorted out.
  3. 11120 on SMP5 is open.
  4. Prior to making posts, perhaps consider reaching out to a staff member.
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  5. Today is friday and apparently friday is the day the derelict policy kicks in, so in a couple of hours there should be a lot more available.
  6. Gripe Gripe Gripe.....
  7. That might just be my old one lol
    But yes, as for the OP in this thread (and the other) derelict policy will be kicking in again today.
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