Not fair.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Mindlegokid, May 6, 2012.

  1. While i was mining the other day bracelet found almost 8 diamond so i decided to try out my new fortune 3 pick but they were in protected spawn. do you think this is a bit unfair and has this happened to you
  2. This isn't really is just how it works sometimes lol
  3. in the empire the spawn trolls you
  4. It was acctulay never explored the cave i found a couple more diamond which were not in protected spawn
  5. definitely
  6. It's not "unfair" as such, the protected spawns there for a reason. Admittedly it is very tedious when you can't take the things for yourself, but i guarantee if it wasn't protected, someone would have already taken them.
  7. WOAH back up here....
    You found DIAMONDS in an UNEXPLORED cave near SPAWN ........those three words are not used in the same sentence very often......
    Especially if it's like smp7 where everything in the periodic reset area looks like a nuke hit it.....
  8. It was a never explorerd cave i did park a base there and locked thr chests i kind Of new it was never explored because there was a couple diamond near the ravine which was untaken
  9. It was SMP9 which is kinda populated i guess i was lucky