Not Angry, Just Dissapointed

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  1. So I Took A Break From Empire Minecraft And Came Back, I Was Surprised To Find That I Still Had My Res And My Alt Had His Res Still Even After Around 37 Days Which Means It Was Derelict, So I Went Back To Having Fun In SP, Come Back A Day Later And Decide TO have A Look Around My Res, When I Get To My Item Frame Place I Find Out That Everything Was Stolen, The Item Frames Still There But Everything In The Item frames Is Gone... So There Goes All My Promos And Specials... Whoever Did This Im Not Angry At, Im Just Disappointed That They Did This As They Should Know Better. Love testman12345/I_Test_Bot_I/I_TE5T_I
  2. Report it to a staff member. I'm fairly sure they track these things.
  3. People aren't able to steal from claimed properties unless you give them permission. There was likely a glitch that caused your items to disappear. Don't just assume something got stolen until you know for sure what caused it to go missing.
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  4. As Far As I Know They Were Taken From My Possession So They Were Stolen =)
  5. Unfortunately that means you gave someone permissions to your res and they took them from you. I suggest you ask whoever had perms (/res info) for them back
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  6. You do have one person with container permission on your property, and if your items were stolen, it was by that person.
    When you give other people permissions on your property, you are warned that those people can take stuff from you and the Staff can't do anything about it.
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  7. The person who had perms most likely took the items knowing that your res was about to be reset and not wanting it all to disappear with your res :)
  8. Only Other Person Who Had Perms To Do Such Things Is My Alt! :eek:
  9. Unfortunately, that means that the items were lost due to a glitch.
    Stuff can't be stolen if there's nobody to steal it.
  10. Yay! The System Stole My Items! Party!