Not AGAIN!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by 1998golfer, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. once again we are having the "join for free at code: #######". is this going t9o be an ongoing problem?
  2. NOT AGAIN!!!!! (As josh said )
  3. i know, it kills me!!!
  4. No we're not :confused: Atleast, not on smp3.
  5. at least its back up! and also this is my 100th post!!!!
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  6. It has become really annoying. To my knowledge, there is a fix but Justin hasn't had time to install it onto the servers.
  7. Justin moved to the Virgin Islands and will not have stable internet until September...
    I am sorry guys, just try to have patience. As soon as he gets the opportunity, he will adjust the settings and allow the EMC coding Staff to assist in modifying and upgrading the server software.

    Please have patience, it isn't permanent and usually corrects itself on its own...
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  8. B-b-but.. September.. That's like.. Not now D:
  9. But that's september :( I go back to school in september :mad:
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  10. Not in smp2
  11. It happens on multiple servers at a time, SMP2 included in my case(s).
  12. I don't have any problems atm.
    btw, you should restock your shop :mad:
  13. Virgin ..... Islands ..... Sooo ..... Far ..... Away ....
  14. I am having trouble getting on now.... So -foul language removed- annoying! Why does this keep happening?
  15. I know! it keeps happening. Try logging on on
  16. it could work
  17. its happening to me now
  18. Just tried, doesnt work
  19. Nahhhhh ;)
  20. Plez can I has sandztone plez? plezzz i ned sandztoneeh!
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