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  1. Hey, so far i loved the little tut at the start and putting us in the town, though when getting into the wilderness was also fun. But i have come across a fellow named DimenatiooN, which at first seemed nice but then he lit me on fire that or a bucket of lava.... i returned to get my stuff and ask him why then he tells me his little brother was playing.... i turn my back to walk off and he does it again. Im not sure how to contact mods as i've tried both smp1 and 4. Im not sure if i'll need prove of this but it reflects back onto the server shamefully. Hopefully i've posted in the right section. Thankyou

    Regards Ryukk
  2. We usually need proof, but I hate people that do things like this, and I for one does not see why someone would lie about this.

    Don't worry, we'll take care of him :)

    (For future reference,the best way to contact a mod is via Private Message.)
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  3. Thank you. i agree not the best thing, guess i shall make my tools again and start over. +1 :)
  4. FYI, I flipping love Death Note :)

    There are plenty of good people here... think of it as an inverse of the golden apples - 1/200 are bad.
  5. Sorry to hear this man, I am sure the staff will take care of him sharp and snappy :)
  6. Yeah this is a true shame to hear, but I can assure you we are a great (generally friendly) community!
  7. If you're on smp4, I'd be glad to help you out with some tools, food and stuff. Gonna put a chest for you on my res up. I'll be online in about half an hour :)
    Luckily, the kind of guy you found is the exception on EMC. All in all the community here is great, helpful and very social. I guess there have to be some black sheep (shear 'em! Oo) in the herd for us to recognize how great our community is in the end :D
  8. Great to hear, i must say i dont like the bad apples ;) and i may take you up on that offer Aesri. :p Seems abit quiet in smp3. And thank you all :)

    Loving the community at the moment and i must say with sadness i never have seen death Note lol. i need to but i haven't :O
  9. Hmm - a new entry for you then...

    Ryukk132 Death by Lava at 13:05 - oh wait that happend already ....

    Hang in there - you'll find the crowd is nice.
  10. You absolutely need to O_O One of the greatest anime I've ever seen. And I've seen a lot :D
    A chest with an ironpickaxe/-shovel and -sword, a stoneaxe, some woodlogs, torches and a few breads are up on my res with access for you ;)
  11. Unfortunately, having to deal with people like this is a reality of any public Minecraft server.

    However, when we catch people doing this kind of thing thier account is permanently banned from EMC.

    In this case, I was able to confirm your claim. The person who did this to you won't be doing that to anyone else here... not on that account anyway.

    Reports from players are invaluable in helping keep the Empire as cool a place as possible.

    And as Green_Mystery said, it's best to send reports via private message.

  12. Thank You once again, and i will Aesri lol, Thank you so much ^_^