Noob Question, sorry

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by MATTB1243, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. Hello again
    im having trouble visiting neibors..
    i want to go to their shop but i dont no what comand to use.
    i try /visit AdressNumber 123 (eg)
    but tht wont work :/
  2. Try doing /v personsname
    or /v personsresnumber

    Also, if you need help do something like /help, /? or /res help
  3. Not working...
  4. It says in the comand section, /Visit Adress Number
    but this is not working.
  5. What is the error you get?
  6. Cannot find res on any server?
  7. Then it is not a valid address. You use the command like this:

    /v 123
    /v JustinGuy
  8. Check if the name you are writing is correct, also, ask you'r friend to do /res info to see the residence number

    *to visit me f.e.
    /v copherfield