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  1. I grew up a console gamer. Many of my fondest childhood memories with my big brother are from playing video games. We started out with an Atari. (That Indiana Jones game was such a disappointment!)

    When NES came out I was 8, and it seemed like magic. I can't count the memories of gaming I have with my brother on NES.

    Flash forward many, many years and we are still playing games together. I got married young, but my hubby has never been a gamer. Lucky for me, my brother was still single. We played more co-op as adults than we did as kids, I think.

    In 2002, we were playing a game on PS2 when I first felt my precious kiddo kicking around inside me. I will never ever forget that moment. I love my husband for not disparaging our love of gaming, and he was even sometimes an enthusiastic spectator.

    When the kiddo was still very young, he loved sitting in my lap as I played Tumblebugs on our first PC. His joy mostly outweighed my own frustration at the game.

    Several years later, after many recommendations, I introduced him to Minecraft. I hadn't the foggiest idea of how the controls worked, so he found his own way through sheer determination.

    He has had experience with a few games, console and PC, but Minecraft is where his heart really found a home. And after trying a few servers, he found EMC and never looked back.

    So here I am, a year after my kiddo found EMC. It's his world outside of home. It's all he was talking about, and no one could really relate. So I decided to delve into his world so he wouldn't feel so disconnected from ours (that of his dad & the rest of our family).

    I started out in single player survival under his instruction just after Christmas 2015. It was a very humbling experience! My fingers were so confused, and my thumbs were screaming, "Just let me do it!" With his patient and knowledgeable tutelage, I finally found the courage to join EMC to help him with some builds that he was working on.

    I feel it's safe to say I survived my baptism by fire after helping him drain/build a guardian farm. My shift key is showing signs of age, but hey aren't we all? ;)

    I feel as if I know many of you here, being an actively involved mom for the past year. Now I suppose it's time for you to get to know me.

    I'm a huge Thirty Seconds to Mars fan, and a total Lost & Sherlock nerd.

    I'm also the proud mom of We3_Nub_ and it's my pleasure to be here on EMC.
    Thank you all for being such a welcoming community!
  2. Welcome to EMC, I hope you have a great time on EMC, If you need some help I hang out on all SMP's..I hope we meet one day.
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  3. Hi Echelon. Welcome to the Empire. I'm on smp3 if you need any help, let me know. Enjoy your stay. :)
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