Non-Supporters Losing Homes?

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by Erzarnlok, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. Well it's been a month or almost a month sense myself and some others I know have been able to log into Empire MC. So question, does this count against us if we can't log in due to the fact that like 40 people is max limit and no non-support can login from that point?

    Main question is will we lose our land and our stuff if we don't log in?
  2. it's been posted before that if you're having trouble getting on, message JustinGuy and he will make sure it is not reset.
  3. Yes, slight change in this though. Send the message to me as I'm handling all the residence stuff now so that Justin can focus more on programming. If this has been an issue for you, please send me a message. Also, if you're registered on the site and your residence is more than just something like a dirt house or something minor, I will message you on the site and give you 24 hours to get back to me before I perform the reset. :)
  4. ah okay, I just remember you telling me it was Justin.
  5. Jeremy had taken over duties while Justin was neck deep in code.
  6. I got that, from Jeremy's response.