"Non-Member" Server Error

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  1. We're aware of the error that tells you to signup as a member again. No need to do so if you're already a member, just a pesky database error (that we're slowly tracking down) that pops up time to time. Give us a little bit to reset everything and all will be back to normal.

  2. You should sticky this for all the noobs, or at least agree to let me bump it
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  3. yes sir
    ed edd eddy.jpg

    ...I'm not follow you at all... haha
  4. Im back in action. Nice work team EMC.
  5. haha, lzbz_dw gremlindan and I only got kicked but then we were back online. Just like last time....
  6. I failed to sign in 5 times but was able to right after. Thanks!
  7. Ok guys, same story, just be a little patient :)
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  8. SHtiCKy is for the n00bs
  9. Oh :( Happened to me just then, guess I will have to slowly and painfully SUFFER through the next few minutes...

    Lucky we have Monty Python playing at my house, makes life without Empire much more liveable :)
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  10. Thanks for the prompt info...
  11. So prompt he was 11.5 hours early :p
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  12. He's used this before :D Like last night when server was down
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  13. man, there goes my day. ......... i miss my res
  14. I guess... *sniff sniff* I'll have to play on my nooby friend CALEB's server with his nooby friends...

    *please bring me a box of tissues* waaah! etc. etc. *blows nose*
  15. Back up I beleive I got on
  16. Dam time zones on here mess me up -