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  1. In hindsight, I should have properly worded my title...

    Check it out here on Reddit.

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  2. This makes me happy :D

    See people? I TOLD you not to panic :D lol
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  3. Also, this is a Tweet from Jeb about making it a vanilla Minecraft feature.
  4. I would not get to excited about this. Forcing a change on a already generated world like this can have very very strange effects, especially with multilayer worlds. So don't get your hopes up EMC, honestly from experience through many biome updates I doubt this will be a good idea.
  5. Awesome! Cant wait til 1.2!
  6. It was the fact that Jeb was working on it that I was excited. :)
  7. well i guess, as always we have to wait and see what happens when it's released and gone through the process, but this is still positive news, i think i'll wind the doomsday clock back a little :D still not time to panic :)
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  8. I know, just saying we won't have all the information until the updates start making their way from Mojang into the multilayer world. I will try to explain how regions are saved, and why I doubt this will work the way we would want when I am not on my phone :)
  9. Yea, I see what you mean.. Especially with our unique server setup this may not work out even with Jeb's attempts to adjust the terrain generation..
  10. I was actually kind of looking forward to the reset and a clean start in the wild. Oh well.
  11. Did you also spot the mention of biome info being stored in chunks? Sounds like it maybe be possible to set biomes per chunk and maybe therefore per residence? Not that I checked if residences are chunk aligned..
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  12. I certainly did. This would work great as a perk or purchasable feature to change residence biomes. However, it would require quite a bit of debate, discussion, and a realistic regulation on the entire subject that will not be discussed here, under hypothetical terms. I merely wanted to point out to everyone that Jungle Biomes may very well be superimposed into existing 1.1 worlds upon release of 1.2. Jeb is trying to fix it and speculation is that using NBEdit or WorldEdit or any other editor is rumored to have the ability or at least working on a fix to do so...

    As Justin pointed out, this may not work so well in SMP but in SSP, it will certainly help alleviate some of the headache of destroying old worlds for new terrain... :)
  13. How is it possible to squeeze a square into a circle hole..... That is how I look at it.. I find it hard that you could possibly squeeze in the biome like that...
  14. Wait.. circles? what are they again? Too long in minecraft.... purpose fail shutit crazy
  15. You did the grey text wrong.

    And if I remember correctly, circles are those things that Endermen carry.
  16. You mis-quote-er you! :D
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  17. lol xD fail grey text before a rude grey text :L and yes it is like in real life.. you can't make the world bigger and try to fit something in it... the world doesn't stretch. This is Minecraft and could be possible.. but like I said before... squares don't go through circle holes good...
  18. Sure they do

    I did it on my PLAYSKOOL FORM FITTER

    dem shapeess fitted guud dawg
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