No Way 1.6

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by OrigamiJoe, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. So Next Week is 1.6!
    Did anyone else read this or see this yet at log in?
  2. I have, and i'm super excited! Hopefully we get a 1.6 drop party! ^.^
  3. I have not seen this... They haven't even done a Pre-release for it though... News to me. lol
  4. I am very sad.

    I was hoping we still had 1mo+ to go :(

    One step closer to D Tombs then 2 steps back with 1.6... /cry
  5. as soon as i made this thread seeing not to many people saw this or made thread i had a feeling you wouldn't be to happy about this Aikar
  6. Every time I see this, I imagine that the next thing that happened wouldn't be as cute of a picture.
  7. Looks like my laptop will come in handy fr 1.6. :D
    Ill use my laptop for 1.6, while i use my PC for EMC. cause i cant build n a laptop
  8. why not?
  9. Also as a reminder Since i couldn't Post this info on the front page 1.6 reminder.

    Waste Lands will most likely be reset when 1.6 hits EMC.
    so if you build or got chests out there this is a early-early reminder.
    maybe staff could add this to that front page post also.
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  10. 1.6 can't be that bad...? Oh, wait, all updates seem to mess things up really bad... :/
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  11. :O
  12. its not even released for me so i couldnt even update if id want to
  13. dee why is the warning not to if its not released then? i mean yeah its nice of then to be carefull but a week early?
  14. To warn people not to update early, so they know in advance.