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Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by bolvarak, Jan 30, 2012.

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  1. I joined up and logged into the server and it took me straight to the town and I never was forced to go through as tutorial, so being presumptuous I typed /tutorial and it took me to the tutorial. I went through the tutorial, but I never got my initial rupees, tools nor food at the end.
  2. I was the one who referred bolvarak.

    I can confirm he logged in and was immediately in town, without any tools food etc. I gave him some stuff to start and a few rupees, but having the initial 1500 would be really helpful for him.

    I'm wondering if its because he upgraded to Iron Supporter before even logging into the game for the first time (he's seen me play and talk about it so he jumped straight in and upgraded lol...)
  3. I believe there is indeed a glitch that causes players who subscribe before logging on to experience this.

    I will notify JustinGuy and GameKribJeremy of your situation (in case they miss this post) and they'll fix you up. :)

    And welcome to the Empire! :)
  4. Yes thats correct Aikar, unfortunately if you become a supporter without doing the tutorial first it bypasses and forfeits the tutorial gifts and cash, and spawns you at town spawn. If you become a supporter, or use the voting system for cash whilst in the tutorial for the first time, it forfeits the remaining gifts and cash, and you still need to complete the tutorial to get to town. :)
    This is a known bug and is on Justin's list of things to do, but as it is a rare glitch it isn't high priority just now.
  5. Correct this is a bug and I forgot about it. I will have GameKribJEREMY award you the stuff you missed out on, and I apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks a lot for supporting the community :)
  6. Not a problem, thanks for the help guys!!!
  7. Took care of ya. It's all done. :)
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