no trees in smp6?

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  1. i can not find one tree that is past spawn protection
  2. Then go further, great rewards are found by those who go past their comfort zone.
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  3. You only need a few saplings to start your very own forest on your lot. :)
  4. If you need saplings, catch me in game and I'll give you some. I have a massive forest going on top of my res.
  5. I know of a secret location of a taiga which I harvested my first saplings from. You sound like a nice person, so I will PM you.
  6. Is it just me or do trees on your res make you lag for some reason?
  7. Thank you all
  8. Yep, it's definitely just you. As a friend I know would say, it's just your computer sucking. ROFL
  9. No I just lag terribly around trees for some reason. When ever i head toward a tree my lag increases...
  10. People should be replanting the saplings that they acquire when they chop down the trees in the wild... but most times they do not for whatever reason. I know it may be hard to use up most of your land on your residence for a tree farm, but if you have enough torches or glowstone, you can make one underground. Just allow enough space above the sapling so that it can grow to its full potential, depending on the tree type. You tend to get more wood from an Oak, but birch/pine are much easier to harvest. That would be your call, however it worked well for me when I had my res on smp3. Hope this helps. If you need anymore assistance regarding this, you can always message me. I'm always here to help!
  11. i have a bunch of sapling just come to my res on smp6
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  12. I like that there are a lot of people who want to help other people on this community. Another reason why I love EMC =)