no teleport zones

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by zach7430, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. i was on a friends res (my friend will remain nameless in case this was a mod) and tried to teleport from his house and it said "Can not teleport here, this is a no teleport zone" can i do this on my res or was this a mod?
  2. Hmm interesting never seen that message before. Can you make a screen shot ?
  3. Sounds like a strange glitch to me, would you mind posting the res number so we can check it out though and try to duplicate the error?

    Also, you can restrict people from coming on your res by using the '/res peset <playername> move false' command for individuals, or '/res set move false' command to apply to everyone. But you can't actually prevent people from teleporting away from your res if they have access to move on your res in the first place. :)
  4. Can you check the plugin coding?That could be a hidden code in the plugin
  5. Yeah the thing is that I dont think that message is anywhere in any of our plugins, unless it comes from MC itself...
  6. You never know ae Justin, MC is plagued with stupid altercations like this XD
  7. sorry i took so long to respond to this... but sorry no they removed there res and idk what server there on now