no shave november fundraiser.

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  1. im starting a fundraising campaign and will be growing a mustache the whole time (started november 1st) to benefit mens health and prostate cancer research I invite all my friends at emc to donate/get involved. heres my specific link but you may start your own:

    i also wanna call out #dwight to start his own (you have to shave and start from the beginning!!!)
  2. good luck getting dwight to shave :p
  3. Sounds great! :)

  4. this challenge involves only growing a mustache and keeping your beard groomed :p
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  5. dum... beards are cooler bro
  6. people tend to find mustaches creepy or old fashion meaning its going to raise a conversation, which will raise awareness for the issue, beards just make people assume you are a hippie/gypsie/lumberjack/german bodybuilder and would distract from the issue
  7. First year I can (sorta) participate; totally didn't realize it was Movember...
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  8. I am sorry to be "that guy", but did a CM approve this? I know there has been issues with this in the past.
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  9. as far as i know fundraisers are allowed, the issue in the past was the fact that part of the money was going to the person who posted the link. however if you wish to report it for clarification i wouldnt mind
  10. My guess is he brought it up due to the shut down 'breast cancer' awareness t-shirt fund from last month. Was a legit company as well known for donating to charities, but they mentioned since the money doesn't go directly to EMC first, they couldn't control it/want it.
  11. hmmm i wasnt around for that liek i said report it if you think it needs it
  12. Oh, I personally don't think it needs it, but the administration might be more strict on the idea than I would be. I think charity is ftw. :D
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  13. For clarification:
    The breast cancer awareness thread was shut down because it was a private fundraiser selling t-shirts primarily, not a donation site.The creator was going to have others order directly from him, which is using the site for soliciting. In addition, there was no way to prove that the information wasn't going to be abused in any way. An Empire rule is to not share personal info. The creator of this thread was asking for billing and address information.

    Bitemenow15's post is different because it is an official site where he has chosen to be a face for Movember, an official donation site, not asking to be personally given your info. Moose says he is growing a mustache for Movember. I'd love to see dwight take part =P
  14. The site he was using was called TeeSpring. The money doesn't go directly to the person. They have an option to either get a small profit from the shirts sold OR have it all donated to a charity, which it was set too when I looked at the link. I've used the site myself to sell some shirts in the past and not only did I not see the billing info, I didn't even see the names of those who did the ordering. It's the same situation as the NoShave one. Both official sites doing good things for charity. :)

    Not trying to ruffle your feathers...just trying to help out so one person doesn't feel like they were personally shut down while another one was good to go for future things should this come up.

    There's a spot on there that explains the donation part. :)
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  15. Thank you for clearing that up about a site used, but the sale of a physical item is what still sets it apart from this current thread.

    The current thread is approved. Let's keep it on topic from here forward. MOVEMBER!
    We still haven't heard from Dwight =P
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  16. I like the idea, nice one bite me, and krystal, I think you should grow your beard really long hehe ;))
  17. lol If i could, I would =P
    Moose's mustache is already growing in and bugging him like crazy =P
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  18. haha, that's what you get for being a fast grower , tell him to keep it brushed hehe xD
  19. Sorry No Baby face for me but did trimmed it yesterday.. cut about 2 1/2inches off D: