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  1. This Goes out to all players, on every EMC server, There is no PVP in the wild and/or nether! Examples of PVP are Lighting players on fire, which will lead to a ban from EMC servers.Plus NO voluntary poisoning of players, this is counted as PVP and will not be tolerated.Thanks for the support, and again just to remind you NO PVP!
  2. I believe this is covered very well here really no need for a separate thread.
  3. I know, just trying to make it clear to some people.;)
  4. I suppose there's no harm in reminded people of this very important rule. :)
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  5. I like to be informative because of course this has happened to me in the past.:D
  6. whats "voluntary poisoning"?

    That mean the "target player" has to eat "poisonable food" where then it becomes HIS perrogative and SHOULDNT be counted as PvP
    If you ate any food and you got poisoned... as u say on your previous post.. then its your fault imo
  7. I'm assuming he just wrote that wrong and meant it to be for those who throw poison at other players.
  8. didnt knew you can "throw" poison, will try to figure it out next time i go /wild
  9. Yes. I forgot how exactly, but you can make some potions into splash potions to affect other players.
  10. Add gunpowder to a potion and wallah you got yourself a throw-able potion. But I always carry things that can help me in sticky situations. Such as a instant healing potion and half a stack of bread.