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  1. Can I have a PVP game with you?

    I'm poised at finding another server. Empire Minecraft doesn't have arbitary moderators, lag or lack of members, but it has no player versus player setting either. Do you have such a game somewhere?

    smp2 would be perfect, if wild had pvp activated, with all the protected town settings and the area around the wilderness spawn. A bed spawn would be needed there as well.
  2. We have discussed adding a PVP server before. The problem is that PVP turns into lots of people yelling and just being mad and angry, because people have evil intentions on a PVP server. I am not saying we will never do it, just why we haven't done it yet.
  3. Justin, is it at all possible to make a plugin that lets you opt in to PVP?

    "/pvp on" and in 30 seconds you are PVP enabled.
    "/pvp off" and in 30 seconds you are PVP disabled.

    Which means you can't walk up to somebody you know is PVP (Because it would broadcast that.) and quickly switch to PVP so you can sneak-kill said pvp enabled player. All players would know that you are joining PVP 30 seconds before you actually do. And not being able to leave pvp immediately would prevent people from having any real 'running' option.
  4. I'm still against this idea touching any part of the Empire, personally. IF it were ever to be done, I'd prefer it's own separate thing. I have yet to find a PVP server where people aren't yelling or being rude, and that's where people KNOW their on a PVP server.
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  5. PVP is anarchy in Minecraft. It is extremely imbalanced... Everyone just goes for Diamond armor and weapons and then spawn camps new players and the unfortunate who have not established a secure base...
    It is also quite difficult to monitor. It would require a full scale moderator team online 24/7 with much more advanced hardware and they would not be participating members any longer.. We are not "paid" members of the staff. We do not receive pay stubs or W-2 forms here...

    My suggestion, find a PVP server you enjoy and play there when the need arises in you. When you wish, come back to the Empire for some enjoyable community play where we embrace our players, instead of shunning them.

    We enjoy having you here and also having members make suggestions/requests. Just keep in mind that we have a specific formula here and it works. No need to treat it like government work, "If it works, fix it 'til it's broke..."
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  6. I play on another server which has a dedicated pvp arena world. You would think this would work but no. People still complain that they didn't know it was pvp and were ambushed. Or as twitch says, people get spawn camped. Either that people take valuables in with them and die and it gets took. Mods and admins have to then deal with who should get the items. The pvp winner or the original item owner?

    For me no pvp is reduces some stress on the mods and admins so they can actually deal with grief or at least do something of their own for a little
  7. Exactly, sometimes we come online to talk interact with the community, build and just hang out.

    Remember that we members of the staff love the Empire for what it is. It is why we volunteer our personal time to help maintain proper order and customs here, in addition to playing on the server.

    Just like all of you, we were once new members who eventually became deeply involved in the community.

    We perform our duties without fail, as we are the beacons in the fog so to speak. We guide new members along the way to becoming "residents", we help facilitate order and we uphold our "law" within the community. We are the ones that everyone wishes to speak to, for guidance, conversation and praise. We hear the complaints, the gripes, the suggestions, every detail that the community wants to be heard by the leaders. We set the example of what we expect of our members with our own actions. Everyone knows that they can call upon any moderator and they will be treated with respect, kindness and dignity no matter the situation or the screen name.
  8. if you want to pvp on this server the closest it will get as spleef. if you pay attention you will see that even spleef can turn friends against each other. if we had pvp it would become a drama house instead of the empire. we love feedback and reccomendations but pvp will probbaly never exist in the empire aslong as anger exist in the world. a traditional minecraft experience along with some game enhancing perks and a friendly community is what youl get as a member of the empire. when I first became a member I was dissapointed there was no pvp aswell. but after you grow with the community and watch things unravel youl realize that some features that are left out are for the better-Boss
  9. PvP on such a largely popular server is a VERY bad idea. Think about it. The day the Empire allows PvP in the wild, there will be people flooding the chat with vulgarity, general rage, taunting, etc., as members gank other members left and right for absolutely no reason other than to see them rage. Such a thing is best avoided (for now) as the moderation staff is not quite large enough to keep a leash on the chaos that would ensue.

    Granted, I myself am an addicted fan of Player Vs Player games, but it is not worth the price of seeing people rage almost every minute on the server.
  10. I don't wanna sound like peaceful guy, PVP is a terrible idea. Its practically the same as massacring players as a griefer! The only difference is its allowed. The only thing that would be good about it is you could set up arenas for competions. I vote against PVP.
  11. I see that the point of view of the staff is the mentality of the members online and the atmosphere. You want to keep the appropriate atmosphere, and find that PVP would encourage becoming unappropriate and make moderating such a gaming community virtually impossible. But I would like to encourage Empire Minecraft to allow PVP with no restrictions only in the wilderness. Everything you said about losing good manners would be true, if you had no protected, huge 64x64 town squares. That is the excellent encouragement not be evil or have an anarchy like Twitch1 said. People would try to survive and find resources in a lot more exciting PVP wilderness, hide your bed, defend it, try to go as far as possible as to avoid crowded areas, try to sneak into the protected area with a load of resources and teleport home, and build great things in Town. This is a vital part of real Minecraft. I have been on eight servers before, and they didn't have such huge and commendating owned spots. You already have a free-build setting, that is necessary, in town. That will create an appropriate atmosphere, where the economy and player generated buildings support the peaceful endeavours of the players. The Town is also bigger than usually, that is 64x64 lots on the whole map, hundreds of lots where the players can build things, even farm your own resources, and don't have to buy small plots and compete for that. Competition for basic plots may result in individuals, who drop out and dedicate their games to harrassing others in the wilderness and the public chat; 'Give me materials!' Besides, everybody know that arguing about being killed or robbed in the wilderness is useless and they shouldn't do that in the public chat. Perhaps you shouldn't allow public chat in the wilderness in the first place? I don't believe that manners of the players depend on the total lack of PVP in the wilderness, and I think your server is based on an exaggeration, that you fear that players start to cuss, have a narcissist personality, grief as to be cruel, bully and that would generate a common attitude of petty, mean and impolite manners. I agree that these online trolls should be totally controlled, but not on the expense of the in-game competition, whereas your server would not just be a PVP everywhere, and that would make it just more diverse, not an anarchy. I would like to request this sort of deliberated PVP wilderness in the future on Empire Minecraft.

    Kind regards, Teemu, Finland
  12. You have a very well articulated point of view on this issue Teemu. I give you credit for this, but it will not sway the opinion of the staff or the community.

    You must understand that PVP does not fit our community. We provide the experience of single player with the social interaction of multiplayer without the fear of being harassed that is presented in all the other servers out there. We have a different formula, and it works out exponentially better than anyone could have anticipated upon first glance. The Empire has grown amazingly in the time that I have been here and from its roots, it has come a very long way in a short period of time and has not lost its core principles. The reason we do so well is because we are a tight knit community. The staff are approachable, the members are friendly and there is no fear of full fledged misery that PVP will entail...

    It would be nice to live in a perfect world on the internet or in real life but you have to be honest with yourself. Everything looks good in black and white but reality shows us that humans are cruel sadistic creatures.. They will cause pain and suffering on other living creatures without provocation... We have no need to provide such a place within our community.
  13. Why not set a wilds for PVP, specificly for this, or even a arena?
  14. It's just we've created our server in a way that works as it is. While I'm sure (and even hope) that sometime, someone can make PVP a cool thing that I find enjoyable, it just doesn't fit into the grand scheme of the Empire at all.