No! Not my motherboard!

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  1. Just recently I've been having some PC problems and I've been working hard on fixing it. My PC does not turn on at all, no fans, no lights, not anything. I just recently changed my power supply to a better one but still no solution yet. I'm suspecting my motherboard is fried due to the fact that I forgot to turn both my fans on last time I turned them off..ik, ik that wasn't very smart. However if it is my motherboard that is fried I'm all up for buying a new one. Ik some basic computer ware, and certain components but I'm clueless on what motherboard I should buy. Would anyone like to suggest me any good mother boards for gaming and high intensity computer programs such as revet and in design/photoshop or any other Adobe programs?

    Also, is their any way I can play emc on my phone through pocket edition? If I'm not mistaken I've heard of another player doing so. If not, is there any way I can still chat in game? Let's just say I'm having empire withdrawals and I'm really eager to get back online :p
  2. There is a way to talk in chat on your phone/ipod but I don't know the site
    I do however know that motherboards all depends on your computer, but the best I've seen is asus
  3. Thank you, I'll make sure I look at some of the Asus motherboards on Amazon. And does that mean not any motherboard will be compatible with my computer?
  4. Yeah, not every motherboard fits computers, so you'll have to know your specs for your computer in order to find another, also it's Asus, they make great computer parts, and have great laptops (I have a ROG from them)
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  5. Okay, thanks so much. I'll search through my old papers and see if I can find all the aspects of my computer to make sure I buy one that is compatible. You were a huge help ^.^