No-Nonsense Bookstore, SMP6, res 12307!

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  1. Hello everyone! I've finally finished my shop area @ 12307 on smp6, featuring high-level enchanted books! In the future I will also offer pre-enchanted armor, but at the moment, it's only books.

    I've got every type of enchantment available with the exception of Thorns of any level. Thorns books seem to be ultra bloody rare. Most are the top two levels of the given enchantment (e.g., Sharpness 4 and 5, though I do have some 3s at the moment). The purple section of my shop contains a small sell shop for things I need, as well as my rotating stock--whatever I have extra of that I would like to get rid of.

    Also, I've crafted and enchanted all these books myself; you can rest assured knowing I haven't been cruising for low prices just to hoard books. Look at my TEXP, and you'll know. ;)

    EDIT 4-4-13, 20:01 ET: I'm realizing that there are quite a few people who do not know this: as of Minecraft 1.5, you CAN COMBINE enchanted books -- i.e., putting two Fortune II books together in an anvil will give you one Fortune III book. You may also put MULTIPLE ENCHANTMENTS on a single book (something I intend to start doing with a few of them in the future). Combining books also seems to take very few levels -- combining Efficiency IIIs takes 3 levels, combining Eff IVs takes 4 levels. I am not certain of specifics of other enchantment types.

    List of current prices: [Updated April 29, 2013 11:18 ET]


    Unbreaking III: 1,200r (Note: Unbreaking III is in the tool section in the shop.)
    Silk Touch I: 1,100r
    Fortune II: 500r
    Fortune III: 1,200r

    Effiiciency III: 265r
    Efficiency IV: 525r
    Efficiency V: 1,100r


    Sharpness III: 250r
    Sharpness IV: 500r
    Sharpness V: 1,000r
    Looting II: 350r ***SOLD OUT!***
    Looting III: 700r ***SOLD OUT!***
    Knockback II: 250r
    Fire Aspect II: 500r
    Smite III: 125r ***SOLD OUT!***
    Smite IV: 250r
    Smite V: 500r
    Bane of Arthropods III: 50r ***SOLD OUT!***
    Bane of Arthropods IV: 75r ***SOLD OUT***
    Bane of Arthropods V: 100r***SOLD OUT!***


    Power III: 200r
    Power IV: 425r
    Power V: 900r
    Infinity I: 700r
    Punch I: 175r
    Punch II: 350r
    Flame I: 450r


    Protection III: 225r
    Protection IV: 500r
    Fire Protection IV: 400r
    Blast Protection IV: 400r
    Projectile Protection IV: 400r
    Feather Falling IV: 450r
    Respiration III: 900r

    Aqua Affinity I: 600r


    Gravel: 64 for 25; 256 for 95r
    TNT: 1 for 55r, 4 for 200r **Note: Only DIAMOND SUPPORTERS may use TNT**
    Snow Block: 16 for 55r; 64 for 220r
    Obsidian: 16 for 160r; 64 for 640r **SOLD OUT**
    Ender Pearl: 16 for 20r; 64 for 75r (1 and 4 stacks, respectively)
    Eye of Ender: 1 for 2r; 8 for 15r
    Iron Block: 1 for 54r; 8 for 400r
    Redstone Block: 1 for 20r; 8 for 150r **SOLD OUT**
    Brick Block: 16 for 60r; 64 for 235r
    Soul Sand: 64 for 96r; 256 for 360r
    Seeds: 8 for 6r; 32 for 24r; 64 for 45r; 256 for 165r


    NOTE: I do not have gigantic hordes of rupees, so I've limited the space in the chests; if you should clean me of rupees, don't worry -- I hope that I will make enough in my shop to make up for it =)

    I am currently buying:

    Leather: 16 for 115r; 64 for 460r
    Villager Eggs: 8 for 80r; 32 for 320r
    Gold Block: 1 for 155r; 8 for 1240r
    Diamond (single gem): 1 for 45r; 4 for 180r
    Book (just the regular three-paper-one-leather-unenchanted book): 16 for 180r; 64 for 720r

    ONE FINAL NOTE: All the things I am buying WILL NOT simply be resold; the books will be used for enchanting, the leather for books and/or item frames. The other things I need for my own personal use. Also, anything I have bought elsewhere WILL NEVER BE RESOLD unless I simply had extras left over. Cheers!

    A couple of pictures of the work in progress:

    2013-04-03_11.23.57.png 2013-04-03_11.24.13.png
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  2. I thought you sold written books. lol.
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  3. Oh dear, perhaps I should have titled it 'No Nonsense *Enchanted* Bookstore' ... but then that sounds like the bookstore is enchanted :confused:.

    Well hey, perhaps if they add copy/paste support into the books, I may add a floor to sell my craziness in written form. :D
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  4. I can copy-paste books for you ultra-fast.
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  5. loved the store!
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  6. Thanks, Amused! Also -- BUMP for an added edit with important information; see light blue text in original post.

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  7. Looks very good!
  8. BUMP for updated and more complete information! Also added a small sell shop for my personal needs!

    On a related note, please let me know if I'm not allowed to bump say, daily... this seems to be a slow-moving forum (Businesses & Services) but I wouldn't mind the exposure on the 'most recent' list :D
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  9. Yeah it happens. Just wait.
  10. Love this place. Things are mind-blowingly cheap.
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  11. I don't want to knock anyone else's shop, don't really know too much about many other shop owners and what they do; I know that I get books, enchant them myself, so it's pure profit :)

    Unfortunately the above prices may have to be adjusted once I get more data -- some lower, some higher... mainly so I can keep certain ones in stock! :D

    Thanks to all my customers thus far, and cheers!
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  12. In that case, you may want to edit my snip to what it really is, and take her name out of this, per request.
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  13. Alright, done, now you can edit *my* snip, and we can squeegee clean this thread :D
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  14. How about a nice little bump for updated prices? Had to lower a few, so you may find better deals here now :)
  15. Bump! I've not been able to get back to the shop for a while, but it is still open; if anything is out of stock that is not shown as such above, post here to let me know what is sold out, and I will update the OP.

    Thanks everyone for your past and continuing business! :)
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  16. Dont ever run outta E5 or U3 books, or i might go mental.....
  17. I'll try my best! Those aren't too hard to get, so it shouldn't be an issue... you can also buy two Eff 4 books and combine them in an anvil for 4 levels =)
  18. Bump for updated prices and availability!

    Cheers everyone, thanks to all my customers! Tell your friends ;)