No no... I mean it, I seriously love you guys.

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  1. 20 pages through the "say goodbye emc, me and my left foot are gonna take you down" thread, and I realized what we have something that even real life community's don't. Ya know what that is? We can make 28 PAGES about a guy and his left foot. I think I'll write a novel about this. Forever alone? Nah. He has his LEFT FOOT!!! Okay okay, anyways, main point of this thread ! (which I thought of halfway through) lets make our own threats towards EMC! Rules: must include left foot.

    Midnight. CST.

    I love you all. No seriously.
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  2. I'm gonna rip all of your right feet off. Watch out Justin :)
  3. I love you, too. (Don't tell people though, it would end bad.)
  4. :O Crazy! Your cheating on me, and after all the stalking I've done of you.!
  5. Been cheating on you for ages, took you long enough to catch on. ;) I enjoy your stalking though. :p
    (which would imply that we were once in a relationship, which is not the case.. because I feel like SOME people [everyone on Omegle thinks I'm either a girl or I'm "Happy" {Synonyms for happy, right?} and it really bugs me] would probably need this clarification else make assumptions)
  6. It's not me, it's you.
  7. Oh, ok. I understand, It's because I'm too sexy and you know it right?
  8. Thread status: Hijacked
    Level: Fake Relationship Problems

    That's one way to see it, yes.
  9. because of this and my love for Daniel Jackson I will stalk you in his place ok?
  10. No, I shall never stop stalking him, I have made many windows facing his res's for that purpose. and they shall be used for such
  11. I must admit, my stalky-window is significantly more epic than his. Mine is all, inconspicuous 'n' stuff.
  12. Mine has a great view, AND it is vastly superior being that it faces your lot.
  13. Mine is centered.
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  14. Mine is... Bigger. Also, that's what she said.
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