no more rain!

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should we get rid of rain?

yes, it creates lag 9 vote(s) 40.9%
no, keep it as is 13 vote(s) 59.1%
  1. please can ghe moderaters remove rain from the empire? it creates intensive lag for me
  2. i will tell the results to the moderaters and hope they remove rain. :)
  3. Rain is part of survival.
    This server is survival.

    If rain is lagging you, use a different texture pack or turn off fancy graphics. Nothing much else to be done on this subject.
  4. Crazy is right, rain is part of survival, and the server IS survival, and don't complain about lag, the rest of us have it too you know.
  5. You can use spoutcraft and I am pretty sure it has an option to remove rain.
  6. justin the prob is i dont have modloader and i hava a mac.i would if i could.
    the whole reason i even suggested this is because rain does no more thanobscure vision and make lag. lighning acually can have an effect on things, but rain cannot
  7. You don't need mod loader to use spoutcraft. It is a standalone client.
  8. rly jeremy? im downloading it
  9. umm, how would you sdowanload it on a mac?
  10. I also think you should remove rain!!!
  11. As previously stated, this is a survival server, part of that is weather conditions in the wild. Spoutcraft gives you the power to remove rain, make it always day/night etc. Bear in mind though that even if it looks like daylight, it may still be night in the wild and monsters will be out. You have the power to stop the rain yourself.
    Also if you use spoutcraft you cannot easily use any mods like minimaps/light level displays etc.
  12. I thought you aren't allowed to use mods If you are I am getting spout craft :D
  13. you are not allowed to use mods that do not give you an unfair advantage, such as xray mods, flying mods, and the like.

    also anything recommended by justin AND jermey i am sure is safe to use.
  14. No rain can not, but I'm pretty sure snow can.
  15. try optifine it has the ability to remove certain things thus causing less lag the change is only client side though so it might appear that it is not raining but it might be on the server