[No Longer Hiring] Looking for people in need of money/ nothing to do

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  1. Hello EMC, so im lazy so im hiring people to do some work for me

    -Im hiring people(s?) to make sugar cane into paper for me
    -Looking for people that will make me a significant (a lot) amount (not like 2 double chests and quit)
    -All Sugar Cane will be supplied by me
    -Looking for trustworthy people that will NOT steal (container perms will be involved)
    -Standard rate of 100r PER DOUBLE CHEST of cane made into paper (This can be discussed if you want a higher rate *Only available to someone that have been working for some time*)

    IF you want this job please pm me on forums or find me in-game, im usually on smp9

    And I say let the reaping begin!
  2. I just changed 24 DC's of cane into paper...
    I'm taking a break for a while :p
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  3. dav you should uh tell me who your workers are.... so I can steal them....
  4. Only if macromods were available... then you can automatically turn sugarcane into paper
  5. unfortunately they are not
  6. Hopefully they update to 1.7 :p then you don't need your workers
  7. Yea, just waiting for the mod to go 1.7...
  8. ... after two months of waiting for mods to go to 1.7 we may never get it at this rate....
  9. I'd recommend WeepCraft autocraft function. 1.7.2
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  10. i don't want those kind of mods, they are pointless to me.. i only use optifine and rei's map. not a fan of taking shortcuts and 'cheating' lol
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  11. looks like.. a lot of extra stuff that we shouldnt use on emc, unless someone can isolate that one script for crafting
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  12. I would like the job!
  13. please come to smp9 when you are ready
  14. That mod is definitely illigal.
  15. Oh...
    It must be because I only enable crafting...
  16. I kind of made it crafting only because I'm VIP
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