No Iron Golems?

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  1. I've been going around a few villages that have been having children, but they aren't spawning an iron golem. Anyone else experiencing that?
  2. Taken from the wiki,

    Also take note that iron golems do not spawn in town, as stated in the changelog.
  3. Correct, soon villagers will also not spawn naturally in Town. People keep making giant villager spawners and causing problems for neighbors lag.
  4. Disable doors :p
  5. awww man! will the eggs still work for them so i can make a fake village?
  6. Yes of course, they just wont spawn naturally with those stupid door boxes lol
  7. why dont you just ban them and then that can give me a job :D (go round finding people with them) xD
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  8. ok thank god! or i guess thank you, cause you are the one allowing it :p
  9. Wait, so how do you get iron golems then?
  10. that's just it, you don't get iron golems.
  11. Could there also be a limit on animals? There are Res'es on some servers who have a whole underground cavern full or floors of their houses full and it lags :/
  12. It is very difficult to place a limit on animals per res unless we were constantly looping through and checking all animals to see what res they are in, that would potentially cause even more load.
  13. Ohh ok, I see.