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Is there a dirty dan on EMC

Poll closed Dec 31, 2013.
Yes 22 vote(s) 73.3%
No 8 vote(s) 26.7%
  1. On EMC I am on the hunt to find who the real dirty dan is... I believe I am the real dirty dan but nobody believes me. Me (Mossiknights), Bro_Im_Infinite, and Cutejuliew started this on a quest to find out who the real dirty dan is. Please reply saying who deserves the title of dirty dan. It can be a friend, a staff member, not yourself, a random stranger you don't know, etc... Anyone signed up on is able to win the title of dirty dan. You may vote for anyone but only once and the winner will be determined at 12:00 A.M. January 1st. I will count the votes and the winner will win a random gift.

    This forumn is brought to you by:
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  2. I believe that Lameidl is the real dirty dan.
  3. Lameidl, yes.
  4. no I'm dirty dan
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  5. No I'm confused.
  6. I am Dan the Dirty.
  7. No, I am Cal the Clean.
  8. Bitemenow15 is the real dirty dan
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  9. and im the mailman
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  10. I believe i am...can i help find him? He seems like a nice dan
  11. For those who chose no on the poll:

    Only some will get this
  12. Charlie when your feeling down, to turn that frown upside, all you got to do is put a banana in your ear!
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  13. In case yall were wondering im the real dirty name is dan and i am dirtaaayyyy (sike my name is not dan) <---i swear that is wrong
  14. Will the real Dirty Dan
    please stand up.
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  15. WARNING: I found EVERY Dirty Dan on this server. Much long

    Dan0011223345 is dirty dan.
    Dan0196 is Dirty Dan
    Dan101000 is Dirty Dan
    dan103001 is Dirty Dan
    dan1073 is Dity Dan
    dan121314 is Dirty Dan
    dan1232878 is Dirty Dan
    Dan123323 is Dirty Dan
    Dan123_456 is Dirty Dan
    Dan13iel is Dirty Dan
    Dan2930 is Dirty Dan
    Dan3814 is DIrty Dan
    Dan3Tha1Man2 is Dirty Dan
    Dan475 is Dirty Dan
    Dan47678 is Dirty Dan
    Dan7828 is Dirty Dan
    Danbo00 is Dirty Dan
    Danbastic is Dirty Dan
    DanDanbalkwill is DIrty Dan
    dandandondo is Dirty Dan
    Danderboy is Dirty Dan
    DanDiAngelo is Dirty Dan
    Dandiddleshot is DIrty Dan
    Dandizzle29 is Dirty Dan
    Dandude12345 is Dirty Dan (cleverest username award)
    Danevans97 is Dirty Dan
    Danfan01 is DIrty Dan
    Dangerdan54 is Dirty Dan
    DanialBuchinger is Dirty Dan (wasn't he a mod?)
    Daniboycreeper is Dirty Dan
    Daniel09602 is Dirty Dan
    Daniel12285 is Dirty Dan
    Daniel162001 is Dirty Dan
    Daniel2000V is Dirty Dan
    Daniel2494 is Dirty Dan
    Daniel29697 is Dirty Dan
    Daniel3131 is Dirty Dan
    Daniel4057 is Dirty Dan
    Daniel7676 is Dirty Dan
    Daniel968 is Dirty Dan
    Danjcole is Dirty Dan
    DanJen2 is Dirty Dan
    Danlazer is Dirty Dan
    Danley_danston is Dirty Dan
    Danmad1 is Dirty Dan
    Danmadeagle is Dirty Dan
    Danmadman123 is Dirty Dan
    DanMahoney is Dirty Dan
    Danman1252 is Dirty Dan
    Danman66 is Dirty Dan
    Danmanthedog is Dirty Dan
    DANmcDON is Dirty Dan
    Danmichelson is Dirty Dan
    Danmon is Dirty Dan
    Danmorren is Dirty Dan
    Danneh56 is Dirty Dan
    Danneman_RD is Dirty Dan
    Dannifantom is Dirty Dan
    Danny0031 is Dirty Dan
    OK I'm done this is ridiculous there is too many Dirty Dans...

    Neonkillah is the real dirty dan cuz he stood up once i know it;s true even if I didn't see it
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  16. Your wrong Dirty Dan is Dirty Dan.
    Prepared to be amazed:

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  17. #^&%
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  18. No xD
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  19. but but i cant cant he-help find hi-him
  20. ......wut? :confused: This has got to be a reference I'm not getting. Well, either that or you've all gone insane.