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  1. i cant think of something to build on emc that not many people have done before trust me i can get the means to build ANYTHING unless its like a computer or tv or something that cant be made on mc
  2. A statue of a Greek god. I love Greek mythology.
  3. If you want to be nice, a big statue of meh...
  4. Make me a wool Magma Cube, so I may worship it as an idol.
  5. Build a giant chicken. One with war paint and dual tommy-guns. And a rambo bandana. And a cigar hanging out of its beak.

    Oh yes, I would enjoy that.
  6. umm... i might have to go with green on that one but with the dual tommys mabe like eggs or chicken spawn eggs but i need 1 thing when someone wants to tp to a res it needs to have something to do with it mabe EMC_chicken for tp
  7. i will build that on your res if you like:)
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  8. have no idea how to do that.
  9. Do u know whovHades or Zues is?
  10. mabe like made out of stone brick or osmething
  11. Yeah maybe
  12. Build a giant pig. I would cherrish that forever.
  13. u supplie wool
  14. Atm im broke, but whenver i get enough wool and have a grief party on my first res, idk about that. Then yes.
  15. Unless it is something BENEFICIAL to all players you generally won't get a Command. If there was a warp command to every great EMC creation than I would have a book of warp commands.
  16. what i meant was i would make a newacc
  17. Not worth it.
  18. i was making a new acc anyway