No Free Slots?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by kilmannan, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. Just a quick one:

    On the Server pop at the Server selection screen, does the server hold a couple of empty spaces before it reaches its max for those that are Supporters?

    I've watched it sit at 43 for the last four minutes and it keeps telling me it's full when I try to connect.

    Or it is just a glitch?

    Also and this only happens with the Empire Craft server, if I try to connect and it's full, when I go back to the server menu I get 'Communication Error' when it tries to poll EC and it wont let me connect to it at all.

    Anyone else get that?
  2. This is because when people disconnect, there is a 1 minute waiting period where their spot is temporarily reserved. That is done so people can get back on if they have a lousy connection spike or something that kicks them.
  3. happens to me too:[ Even though it says "41/50" it says "Sorry all free slots are filled. Visit for more details." but i wait a minuet but nothing happens and it only happens on the smp1-3 servers no others.
  4. I've had a bad connection and was kicked and It didn't let me on.
  5. Happens to me to.
  6. One possibility is when we have to emergency restart a server. Unfortunately it doesn't remember every that was on in this case.
  7. Which suprisingly has happened more in the last couple of days...
  8. Yeah it sort of comes and goes. The game is nowhere near perfect, and often has issues. Its not a matter of preventing server problems, it is a matter of reacting quickly haha. Luckily with the Empire platform a server pages (texts) me when it is having trouble :)
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