No Bedrock

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  1. Hey,
    I have a problem with my residence on SMP1 #704
    There is no Bedrock.

    Could somebody help me?
  2. WOW really????!!!!??
  3. lol that could be a problem
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  4. Start a conversation with any of the Staff and they'll help you. Those who are online are listed along the right hand side of the Home page.
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  5. None at all? PM IcecreamCow and/or shaunwhite1982

    Edit: I jumped in your hole- it has been a while since I have seen a residence missing the bedrock, I am at -8000 right now
  6. I've heard of a few residences that have been trolled by admins and the bedrock is destroyed.
  7. by the way
    here is a picture:
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  8. here is my own picture

    Yes I got bored and moved to X: 0 Z: 0. I am still falling as of right now check me out on the live map- at Y: -75000 at time of this post
  9. Time to throw eggs into the void. They will come out in another dimention to prove that the egg came first.
  10. lol Wtf you play on smp1 xP i should pay more attention..
  11. Alot of people have this problem....
  12. That's amazing! Throw griefers down there!
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  13. I'm going to check all my res's :p
  14. I thought he was talking about .... Nuffin'
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  15. :p I wish i had this!
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