Nintendo or Microsoft?

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  1. My next question is do u like Microsoft or Nintendo?Which do u think has a better library of games,better consoles,etc.I am more of Nintendo man myself.Don't get me wrong i own a wii and an Xbox360,but i like Nintendo better becuz ever since my 6 birthday when my dad got me a black gamecube i've been hooked.Ever since then i've inherited my dad's NES, bought a ds and dsi and received a red wii for Christmas. Well thats my opinion wat's urs?
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  2. nintendo! my favorite game is super smash bros brawl and it has sooo much re-play value :D
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  3. as most people would go with xbox cause of cod halo all that jazz i am a nintendo guy *pretends to flick something off shoulder to act boss :O" Brawl is a good game have to admit it there is other stuff than just mario kart and other games that primarely have mario. Other people think thats all we got in fact probably maybe a fourth of wii games relate to mario or that series :p.. I play wii shooters, JRPG's (Xenoblade), etc, etc.. I used to own a GC but sold for 12 bucks (lol) i still have games and remotes and play on wii. I have hacked my Wii and it has made it ever so awesome I have to say. Whenever my friends come over we all sit down and play wii have fun and stuff.. Microsoft has some of that but its a little geared more to hardcore gamers same with sony. :D
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  4. I be Nintendo gal~
    More game genres... eh... I'll come up with more things that I like since atm I'm brain dead. xD

    But seriously though, even my brother wants to work with them when he's older! :3
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  5. Microsoft because i have never owned a nintendo always have had a xbox since i was like 7.
  6. Well, i would vote Xbox because I'm more of a pro gamer, strive to be awesomer than the next guy, have better gear, make achievements, and have goals. With Wii you don't accomplish as much, there isn't as much online, and is more recreational. Its more for families with kids or someone wanting to get in shape without being a huge gamer. A lot of people try to compare the two, but they are consoles with completely different target audiences.
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  7. Yes i agree if you are going to compare something compare xbox and playstation.
  8. Those are slightly less different.
  9. i dissagree wii's shooters are very much more different than xbox its a whole different side of gaming ps3 doesnt even come close with motion shooters.. and yes online sometimes lacks but there is competitive wii i am still in a clan for some wii games and have buds who still play but i have mostly moved to mc waiting for the WiiU
  10. I like nintendo, because they are gaming specific. But then again, they did make the DS....
    And the Wii....
    I guess I'm just undecided.
  11. lol so do i
  12. I read this as "Do you like Nintendo or Minecraft?" and thought to myself.. that's not a very fair question xD
  13. Yes, I agree completely. I used to be a Nintendo gal myself, however when they released the Gamecube, the games tended to be much easier, and more childish in nature. Overtime, I drifted towards more challenging games and consoles like the Xbox 360, and various online mmo's. So to answer the poster's question, I choose Minecraft over what is considered Nintendo anyday. However, I still have a soft spot for the retro consoles.
  14. Yeah exactly because Microsoft isn't just X-box its more... Yes Nintendo is good at what t does and is probably the best gaming console but what we are forgetting is that Microsoft gives us the ability to play minecraft! Yeah I suppose Apple and Linux does too but understand this Minecraft we're talking about! Before I played minecraft I would have chosen Nintendo for sure but now, I don't know I think I'll have to go with Microsoft!
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  15. By the way you probly should have added a poll to this thread...
  16. Killer 7, Eternal Darkness : Sanity's Requiem, and the insane amount of Resident Evil games are rather childish.

  17. I would vote microsoft on this one. :)
  18. how do u add a poll?
  19. I'm going to go with nintendo because I have a gamecube I'm one of the only people in New Zealand who have *puts on awesome sunglasses to look bawss. I also have nds lite and I hae been playing pokemon on it ever since it came out (before that it was the gameboy XD) so as you can see I'm a nintendo person:)
  20. Im sorry I cant just choose.