Nightmare Parkour

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  1. Hey everyone! I've been wanting to make a few activities that are fun and unique with some of the resses Yallquit and I have. I'm trying something new and I am really curious as to what you guys think so far.

    The idea is simple, when you get to the bottom of a res the bedrock darkness makes it impossible to see more then a few 'feet' in front of your character. Using black wool and redstone lamps I was trying to almost combine a memory game with parkour. The result is very difficult but I find to be pretty entertaining.

    Check out 11493 on SMP5 and tell me what you think. There is 2 levels so far just mainly for testing to see the concept of how it would work.

    The only problem with it so far is that if there is 2 people there one can help the other 'cheat' but really not a huge issue because it's all for fun so you'd only be ruining your own experience.

    Anyway let me know how you like it, suggestions and ideas are welcome!
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  2. Optifine is able to see past void fog