Night free weekend (48 hours of day)

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  1. This weekend (October 8th and 9th) there will be no night in the Wasteland and Utopia. The sun will shine all weekend long! Promotion will run from Friday night at midnight eastern time to Sunday night at midnight eastern time (essentially all day Saturday and Sunday).
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  2. Awesome! Can't wait!
  3. oh nice mining with minimal risk....going back to town that is :)
  4. Hunger and mobs in mines will still get ya!
  5. i know that is why i said safe travel to and from the spawns or as i called it town lol
  6. cool. no night at all in Wasteland. Now if only hostile mobs didn't spawn.
  7. Oh t6ler I guess that would be way to easy! ;) But thats what makes this game fun. The constant challenge.
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  8. Booya Baby
  9. next i vote for all night weekend :) add some severe challenge to the game
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  10. I think this would be fun too, but my feeling is that there would need to be some extra incentive for people to go out into the wasteland on that weekend. Otherwise I think many people would simply avoid it on those days.

    One idea for prividing incentive to go out into the dreaded night might be placing 10 or 20 dungeon-like chests at random locations in the wasteland... with a few of the rarer items in them.

    Another idea might be to make monsters drop 2 or 3 times as much as they usually do... if that's even possible.

    But, for now the 48 hours of solid daylight should be good for some easy exploring... though it'll be hard to keep a pale complexion in those conditions (for those of us who enjoy our pasty white skin tone).

    Sunburn time!! ;)
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  11. yea but it would be nice to have a chance to build a nice house without fearing a creeper stalking me (lol)
  12. Yes, but griefers will still stalk you
  13. I have one question:
    Where do you make the pictures for all the posts?
  14. I just whip them u
    I just whip them up in Photoshop, some stuff I "borrow" like the background on the one for this special :)
  15. I think the word you were looking for was "Steal" not “borrow” lol
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  16. true, very very true.
  17. In honour of the Night Free Weekend I would like to privide an opportunity for everyone to make a few extra rupees.

    I will be buying raw beef, chicken and pork until the end of the Night Free Weekend.

    This weekend is the easiest time to get those items because there are no monsters on the surface in the wasteland all weekend.

    Happy huning! :)

    (I also buy feathers)
  18. I was wondering if we could do a Ghast free weekend so we can mine our glowstone in peace
  19. Haha that would be nice ;) But this is still a survival server.
  20. Yes, but it would be nice to have little things like that every once in a while.