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  1. full set of diamond armor 16 diamond and iron blocks 14 jungle saps 14 blaze rods 5 slime balls 4 power 1 bows 112 ender balls 2 stacks of redstone compass 1 gold block 1 potion of poison 45 sec splash potion of poison 1 min 30 sec 1 potion of healing 1 potion of poison II min 2 min 3 potion of swiftness II 1 min 30 sec potion of swiftness 8 min splash potion of weakness 3 min brewing stand stack and 47 glowstone 31 pistons 11 disk with jukebox 1 iron sword 1 diamond sword 1 diamond sword looting 1 1 diamond sword smite 1 36 chicken spawn eggs 4 stacks of aarows
  2. is this an auction?
  3. it will be over when 72 hours have passed
  4. starting bid price bidding increments this is horribly organized
  5. starting bid is 1000r and nick this is my first time give me a break
  6. sry it just deters people sometimes
  7. sorry everyone for the bad auction
  8. its not bad it just needs to be alittle more organized u have some good items
  9. i am sorry i did not read the rulz i will read them then next time i will do better
  10. starting bid is 1k? then i bid 1k :)
  11. when does it end?
  12. How many Iron Blocks/ Diamonds... The lack of commas is a bit confusing :)
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  13. im gonna get bid up by supporters anyway im broke :(
  14. I am going to hold off till I get a better idea on what is in this Pack... To nicpic100- It is not to late to take a screenshot and post it here- it would help substantially.
  15. i dont no how to take a screen shot
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.