Nick's Evil Reign of Death (N.E.R.D.)

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  1. Welcome to
    Nick's Evil Reign of Death (N.E.R.D)
    8:30PM Servertime 5.17.2016
    Tonight i will take you and your friends on a journey of death and torment! and you will love it.
    meet me on /smp5 /mobarena

    Tonight i will be hosting 4 Rounds!
    2 Item Rounds
    2 Non item rounds

    Winners of No Items rounds gets 200 Tokens
    Winners of Items rounds gets 300 Tokens and all items that dropped

    * Normal item rounds: All armor, weapons and buffs allowed.
  2. Tonights Winners
    First Non Item Round -

    First Item Round -

    Second Non Item Round -

    Second Item Round -
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  3. Hah nerd! <3

    Cant wait!
  4. And.... I cannot make it 'cause I'm banned. Dammit :p
  5. Yay another chance to lose all my good armor :D
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  6. Ooo awesome! :D
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  7. More death! :D
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  8. Aww yeah more mobarena is always good. See ya there!
  9. Won't be able to make it:(
    Nice banner/thingy:p
  10. Yas! 9th comment ;D
  11. Noice, won't be able to attend though. :( Sry. *Sniff sniff*
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  12. N.R.D. sounds like NERD :D
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  13. YOU!! I LIKE YOU see the following changes to this event
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  14. lol xD
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  15. Oh, why's that?

    I may actually participate in this one! Never really been to mobarena before, ha...
  16. Did we just... Yes, we did just successfully sabotage Nick's thread. High five peeps! And a cookie for D
    See my profile page.
  17. Looks great, always nice to see another event added to the schedule. Probably won't make it tonight but perhaps I'll tag along some time - have fun all!
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  18. I'm sure from Nickk's view this is a chance to Get Everyone Everywhere Killed. (G.E.E.K.)
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  19. Who want to try play this on difficulty 10?
  20. That won't work. Your difficulty is locked at 5 in Town worlds.