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  1. As many of you know, AlexChance made a fantastic build for my Museum, at 18200 on SMP9.

    I asked nick5013 here to make a video for it today. I gave him lots of detail on what it should be about and to make it really professional...

    He sends me this. I found it hilarious, I could not stop laughing XD

    If you do not get the video, AlexChance made the build at 18200 and therefore Nick was being a troll and just videoed him instead of the Museum :p
  2. I don't see the problem.
    Things that bother you never bother me.
  3. Definitely legitimate :p
  4. Wheres the melons?
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  5. There are bananas. Enough said.
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  6. Dang I look good
  7. Mighty fine, Alex, mighty fine ;)
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  8. XD Nick calls him self the melon king? I was not aware "king" and "troll" were synonyms. :p
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  9. Me. Dead. Laughing.
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  10. Melon GOD thank you very much.

    Further context:
    I am on a business trip, so I get about 9fps on my laptop, so I can't do any recording for FDNY's video.
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  11. That ending xD
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  12. He did not go through 6 years of GOD school to be called King, hashhog.
  13. I was honestly expecting melons to be planted all over the museum
    I am disappoint.
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  14. anyone else getting a..erm.. breastfeeding video in the related video stuff after the video is over? ._.
  15. THAT made my day.
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  16. I don't have any strange related videos on my end.
  17. well.. i never look up that kind of stuff so idk why its showing up. creepy none the less :/
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  18. Typical Nick... :rolleyes:

    But honestly great work nick cant stop laughing! :p
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  19. omg, I'm not the only one
  20. Youtube logic:
    A video called fdnything posted by a Minecraft person ---> breastfeeding
    I see that "suggestion" too
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