Nice Epic Huge hotel at 4221

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  1. ive decided that i want a hotel on my res, since it earns alot of money.
    so i hired one of the best builder on EMC, Eclipsys
    we are building a moder looking hotel made out of wool and stuffs

    if you want to donate some materials here are the list of the thing we need:
    Birch (LOGS)
    Grey wool
    Black wool
    Glass blocks & panes

    plus rupees, we really need lots so we can finish it fast.
    there is a donation chest set up on my res feel free to give rupees, i will give you credits for it.

  2. @ smp1???
  3. Maybe smp2...
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  4. Try smp1 :)
  5. I can donate a few stacks of birch logs if you need just set up some donate chests at your res or give: [ ACCESS ] _Stads_
    I low on rupees though so my rupee donation will be the transferring of the items through vault:)
  6. I will donate for you if you place a sign with my shop res (428)
    in your hotel :)
    I could be good sponsor......
  7. Well tell the players that I own the click tower at 9088!
  8. *Clock Tower
  9. It's SMP2 :)
  10. Sooo...
    You know we should have just checked the server resident number list!
  11. I'm weird sometimes...