Nexus Chrome Extension | Development, Bugs, and Suggestions

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  1. The Nexus Chrome Extension will change the header look of the Empire Minecraft website, but for now it will only be available to Supporters and Beta testers.

    Erektus is currently working on the preview image for this thread, will be posted as soon as it is finished.

    Apply for Beta Testing below:

    Days on EMC:
    How active are you?


    Found a bug? Please start a conversation with me titled "NCE Bug" as soon as possible and explain with as much detail as possible which bug you have found with the Nexus Extension.


    Please leave your suggestions for the extension below, or feel free to start a conversation with me.
  2. I know that some people do not want to give the whole community their age, so can this be done in a private conversation?
  3. Yes, if you do not wish for your age to be publicly shared here you can start a convo.
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  4. Also by active do you mean in game or on the forums?
  5. Forums.
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    -Switched out old logo with the new on.
    -Added voting reminder.