[NEWSLETTER] The Empire Brothers - October

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What event/service do you want to see?

Halloween Skin Competition 3 vote(s) 27.3%
1,000,000 Rupee Giveaway 6 vote(s) 54.5%
Business Advertising 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Empire Brothers Specialty Shop 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Empire Player Cards 0 vote(s) 0.0%
New Shop Listing 2 vote(s) 18.2%
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  1. Welcome to the Empire Brothers news letter! Here we'll post what we have planned for the month ahead, as well as contest winners, past events, and current happenings. Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment with a suggestion or some criticism, that helps us to improve everything we do!

    Cory's Rupee Central

    We were very impressed and happy to see all the community support on this thread, and we look forward to your continuing support! This thread is completely for your and the communities benefit, we enjoy giving you guys rupees and seeing what you guys have to say about all the questions we've asked so far. Without further a due, let's get into the top users.

    Kytula, Dufne, and DeathPunchKitty are all tied for the most times claimed and show no sign of stopping any time soon, if this continues we'll have to figure something out for the prize at the end of the month. So far they have all claimed 9 times, meaning they have received rupees every day the thread has been up!

    Total Rupees given out on Cory's Rupee Central: 267,000

    Those of you who are worried about the current investigation, worry not. We will be working with Krysyy and anyone else involved and do our best to get the thread back open for replies and continue what we've been doing the past week.

    If you do not receive your rupees and have followed all the directions for the task, please messaged Nccoryg and he will get you your rupees as soon as possible!

    500,000 Rupee Giveaway

    You may have noticed a ton of people sporting the Empire Brothers logo as their avatar recently, well you can blame the 500,000 rupee giveaway for that. :D

    There's still room to get in on the splitting of the 500,000 so don't waste time before it's too late!

    The giveaway was created to get the Empire Brothers name out there and I think it has definitely succeeded, everyone who is participating is wearing the logo on their avatar until the 16th, and on that day the 500,000 rupees will be split between 20 different people!

    If you want to participate but don't really like the look of the logo, or want to add your own flare too it, feel free to do so! As long as it has the Empire Brothers visible, it's allowed!

    Upcoming Events

    It's October, the month where ghouls and goblins come out to play and terrorize the kids, and it's also Cory's favorite time of year. The Empire Brothers will be hosting a drop party closer to the 31st, which will contain some pretty big prizes, check out some of the things that will be in the drop part in the list below.

    -2 Gold Supporter Vouchers
    -3 Iron Supporter Vouchers
    -10 Unused Meteor Bows
    -15 Papers Redeemable for a certain amount of rupees
    -EmpireBrothers and Nccoryg Heads

    There will be a few more events happening throughout the month, including bonus days for "Cory's Rupee Central" where you can earn double rupees!

    Thanks for the Support

    Most of the community has been very supportive of our services and expansion over the past few days and we could not be more thankful for the support!

    The Empire Brothers was founded to help the community in all aspects that is can such as economically, teaching new players, fix griefings, or any other issue the community may run into. Our headquarters will be complete around this time next month, and our shop should be done way before then, that will help us fund even more projects and giveaways for the future!

    We'd specifically like to thank our donors, we've received over 300,000 in donations to help with the giveaways from a few people, the biggest donation coming in at 140,000 rupees!

    If you ever wish to donate, just send the rupees to this account or Nccoryg's with the reason "EB Donation", any donation over 10,000 gets a free Nccoryg head!

  2. Cory's Rupee Central

    • No Alternate Accounts, if you attempt this you will be banned from this giveaway.
    • No attempting to claim rupees before the next day.
    • The person who has the highest "Claim Streak" at the end of October will receive a CoryLegend head (None currently in existence).
    • Those who claim daily for a week straight receive an extra 2,000 at the end of the week.
    CURRENT TASK (Expires 10/16/2015)

    500 Rupees- Reply with your favorite food.
    500 Rupees- Reply with your favorite thing to do outside of Minecraft.
  3. Not going to lie, I nearly forgot today. :p Thanks to Recent Activity for the reminder! ;)

    *doots Watch Thread*
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  4. Taking role playing to the next level!
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  5. Yep.
  6. So I guess picking up were I left off :p
    Day #10, fav. Part Ii

    1. Favorite m.c. food: baked potatoes
    2. Favorite real food: pork egg rolls with mae ploy sweet chili sauce.
    3. Favorite activity, oddly enough lol organizing and tidying up cluttered things. Like closest, and filing cabinets. 》.》 I feel the urge to clean now lol.
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