News concerning the future of Minecraft (Post 1.3.1)

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  1. @jeb_
    Phew, been coding all day, tired. You'll see the results in the snapshot tomorrow. Now I'm heading home to prepare for the new Total Recall

    Used to kill villagers because you don't like what they offer? Well, in the future you will have to face the consequences of your actions

    @jeb_ easy to bypass - set them on fire/push into lava. Fire/lava isn't detected as yours :v

    @Kizzycocoa Unfortunately for you, I thought of that!

    @jeb_ PISTONS! Easy! :p
  2. Who kills villagers on EMC? Eggification is free in town :p

    Just spent about 30 seconds trying to find the correct spelling of eggification, because it was showing up with the red underline. Took that long to realize its not a real word. Need to sleep.
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  3. I used to kill them in single player before 1.3 :/ Good job I restarted my full release world...My beta worlds and my alpha worlds have villages that have been torched though.
  4. Meiosis, probably.
  5. I think they mean outside of EMC :L
    Useless edit
    • Villagers who dislike you will refuse to trade
    • Villagers will dislike you more for killing their friends or allowing them to die
    • Depending on how much villagers like you, they will start to offer you better trades
    • Trades may be made permanent again or last shorter/longer
  6. Whoops. I Fenced in 24 villagers in a 20x20 area in wild. They cant like me for that, :oops:
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  7. Ill kill villagers who refuse to trade.
    now i just feel like a, ummm, ya know.
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  8. what are you trying to point out? That Jeb might quit his job or that villagers might kill players?
  9. i think that villagers should fight like passive mobs and can build towns :D imagine that a time lapse of villagers building!
  10. Or if you kill them they attack you until they die. I made dwarf villagers (but never finished them because 1.0, the version I released my mod on, broke them) for my mod in 1.7.3 and stealing from them or killing one of them would make them attack you.