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  1. Hello,

    I am fairly new to the server. My IGN is OMGTheMuffinMan. I play on smp2 right now and have been playing for about a week. I have built my own house in the wilderness and in town.

    I just wanted to get on here and post about something I saw. Someone said if you are offline for more than 10 days, your lot in town is up for being reset. I just wanted to see if there can be an exception for me because I will be going out of the country to Germany over the holidays and wont be back for about 3 weeks or so. I would like to preserve my stuff and come back and play when I get back.


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  2. Welcome to the Empire :)

    Private message me (click on my name on the left) and I will add you to a list so you don't get reset on vacation.
  3. Welcome to the server man! Have fun and as always respect everyone :) And enjoy your time in Germany, I hope it is a great trip for you :)
  4. Thank you very much!
    I might be adding some of my special pictures to here if anyone cares to see them.
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  5. Enjoy your time on the server, and enjoy your trip to Germany.

    The server is glad to have another member to the community =)
  6. Welcome to the server! Have fun in Germany a.k.a My ancestors country. Viva Deutschland!