New Years Celebration 2017!

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  1. Happy Almost New Year!!!
    Come join the fun with a virtual ball-drop and some other fun spontaneous shenanigans. ;) Party starts at 11:30 pm EMC time and obviously goes through midnight (at utopia town spawn).

    Also, type /promo 2018 to pick up the celebratory firework for this year. I do ask that you are mindful of players who have bad internet connections and NOT spam them at the event too much.
    P.s. Yes, it is supposed to be New Years 2017 Celebration in the lore.

    Time capsule will be opening on WEDNESDAY and closing next Sunday, for anyone wondering. That thread will be separate.
  2. Ooh cant wait!
  3. Unfortunately cannot make the event, but Happy New Year 2018, EMC! Best wishes for a happy and successful year :)
  4. Internet is technically capitalized. ;) Sounds fun! Looking forward to it, Happy New Years to everyone! And have a nice day, people who don't celebrate it.
  5. Can't make the party :(
  6. Not making it this year. Too tired.
  7. Can’t be at the party as I’m without a laptop at current but...

    Happy New Year (From across the pond) :p
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  8. Happy New Year, EMC!
  9. Yes! The new year! 2017 is history!
  10. I made it for the ball drop but you guys were also competing with a televised home party ball drop.. I saw a lot of faces, I even saw my ChristmasTower head in the crowed. What a fantastic time, I lagged real good when we went to games but the chat let me know it was lit.
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  11. Lots goin on in chat this evening! If I didn't say Happy New Years to you, well, Happy New Years!! Here's to another awesome year on EMC, love you all!! <3
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  12. Happy New Years EMC(my second family) hope it brings you fun and laughter and new friendships to come. I hope for yet another FUN and EXCITING year on EMC will this awesome Community and Staff team
    Here's to New beginnings and experiences!
    Have a great year everyone!
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  13. Good riddance to 2017 onward to a awesome 2018 and may it bring good things like 2017 did :)
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  14. How was the event, what happened
  15. LOL.