New Year - New Game

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  1. I am brand new to Minecraft, and to Empire Minecraft specifically

    So far so good - I look forward to checking out all Minecraft has to offer
  2. Happy new year, welcome to Empire Minecraft :)
  3. Welcome to EMC and Minecraft! Say good bye to life as you know it.
  4. Welcome! Also, my new years resolution is to FIND OUT WHY I CAN'T JUST BE A MEMBER INSTEAD OF A NEW ONE!
  5. That is just a site thing, it is based on trophy points: , its kind of useless I was thinking about changing it...
  6. Wow, I wish I could go through the experience of first playing minecraft again. From that initial terrifying survival night in the wild to the very first time you hit bedrock and find DIAMONDS!, then lose them to a silent deadly assassinating kamikaze creeper.
    So very many hours of play ago, I envy you for the exciting learning experience you have ahead of you.
    Welcome to minecraft and empire minecraft servers, hope your gain as much pleasure from it as I have. :)
  7. I tried to break the bedrock for like 20 minutes cause I thought it was obsidian lmao
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  8. Lol, very nice. I switched to creative, smashed through the bedrock fell into void then got really confused and spent a few days on minecraft wiki being a sponge for information.
  9. Lol. When I first got minecraft, I had to watch HOURS of YouTube to reassure myself I had it. Then get huge hhouse, but lit on fire and burnt down by lightning.....
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