New XenFero not updated yet...

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  1. Updating the site is going to be a major task. It can't be done until the new supporter system is out because of the way the current system hacks into the site.

    The theme EMC uses has also not been updated since XF 1.1, which means we'll either need to update it ourselves, pay someone else to update it, or get a new theme.

    I have been talking to Aikar, and he has said that the site will be updated some time this year, exactly when, he is not sure.
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  2. Said task is not easy. It requires hours of downtime, uploading and sorting files, getting a new supporter system (our current one isn't normal and basically, as mba said, hacks into the site), and updating plugins. Rupee integration would probably have to be reworked too.

    And, the installation could miss a few important files, which would make the downtime even longer. What's worse is that it could wipe everything if not done properly >.>
  3. There will be a fresh theme :D
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