New Wild Community

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  1. Anyone feel like starting one?
  2. alrdy in one talk to me on a server which u on
  3. Yankees518 and PadasEatRamen just started the Slime Team.
  4. That's not my name :(

    I'm also in the Last Light Outpost. I know more on it than Slime Team as Yankees was planning it all out mostly and then kinda sorta left?
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  5. *PandasEatRamen* terribly sorry, my pig tail whacked the backspace button when i was trying to type your name. :)
  6. Define wild community, I've yet to hear of this.
  7. Not sure if sarcasm...

    If not :Basically you make a town in the wild. :D
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  8. The point of not joining one is to do things my own way.
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  9. We can do one together on SMP8, Griefers are gonna grief but I'm resilient!
    Also I have another friend whom wants to do one with us so...
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  10. Trying to create a town that is harder to grief is half the fun.
  11. Exactly!! I know how to do regenerating walls, its not invincible but helps. I have an EPIC location! "Cause you cant really destroy a ravine.
  12. A community so high up in the air that you cannot see it well from the ground would be fun to create....
  13. Yeah we can do that!! Pm with Coords and we just build it up as we pass through!
  14. I will if I ever get around to it :p
  15. LLO has been little or none griefers in th past but did have one bad egg but he got perm banned for what he did :)
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  16. The LLO has survived very well. The key to it's success is that it is a long way from spawn and hardish to get too.
  17. Hardish haha its complete chaos getting there by foot but we have are ninja ways
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  18. If he wants to make his own let him make his own :p
  19. ^
    Agreed, it's fun starting something new on EMC
  20. It wasn't sarcasm. I don't think making a town in unprotected terrority is a good idea.