New Weekly Smp3 nature walks

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will you participate next week?

yes 1 vote(s) 9.1%
no 6 vote(s) 54.5%
maybe so 4 vote(s) 36.4%
  1. inspired by maxarias i won her nature walk (with albinopolarbear1 and iamsaj) me and albinopolarbear1 decided to make our own weekly nature walks on smp3 our main server where do i start. well every week we will do a nature walk obviously on sunday and yes, there will be prizes for winners. i know that albino made a thread but this is a little diffrent. everyone will get wooden swords and 64 rotten flesh provided i will give swords albino will give rotten flesh. do NOT bring armor or swords it is cheating and you must take the armor off and put sword in chest. only eat rotten flesh no killing cows/pigs for meat and no bringing meat. again dont bring anything everything is provided week #1 was a success where dajakoe won and well i guess thats it.
    bless your face and if you sneezed while reading this this bless you chris out! (tobuscus reference)
    here are ppl saluting dead contestents:
    Week #1:
    week #1 winner:
    2012-08-26_18.46.02.png (dajakoe) not albinopolarbear1
  2. i posted saluters
  3. we will be holding a mini survival race at 9:00 pm PST on smp3 this does'nt count as a real 1 the only prize will be 1k but its still fun DONT bring armor or swords!!
  4. well 0 ppl come to the mini 1 so i guess its cancled
  5. just forgot every 5 weeks there is a nether walk and every 20 weeks there is a end walk
  6. next week is a big prize..... be sure to join
  7. So...much...bumping. Not only that, but the poster never uses commas or full stops and doesn't know how to spell.

    Also, the time it is on is unacceptable. It is 12:00AM for me and the monday coming is the monday I go back to school.
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  8. Thegrammarnaziness.

    I might join... If the prize is... 'nuff for me.
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  9. It's not called being a grammar nazi, it's called 'saving the next generation'.
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  10. I MIGHT join
  11. nope your a grammer nazi
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  12. Nope, i'm saving the next generation.
    Your argument has been proven invalid.
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  13. Your sig says crazv....
  14. no its just cut off
  15. ok in 2 days is a big prize if 10 people particapate...
  16. When is it?

  17. thats not green! :confused:
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  18. i made that sig. after i posted this
  19. Chris, wat for me! It looks like im still there but im not!
  20. starting in a few . . .