New voter reward helmet issues (Not sure where to put this..)

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  1. So I got my voter rewards last night, then I saw this amazing helmet: Respiration V and Aqua Affinity V!! I couldn't wait to try it out, so I threw that bad boy on and jumped into the Wild's vast oceans. To my suprise I could not see a thing, the helmet's effect was so awesome the ocean was as bright as the sun! :D So anyways, you guys might want to turn down the brightness a little, my screen was all bright white when I went under the water.
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  2. Can you post a screenshot?
    Also what voting streak you at?
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  3. Known bug with Minecraft apparently, not much to be done.
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  4. Not really a bug, since respiration wasn't designed to be at level V in the first place.
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  5. Hmm didn't know it would do that :/

    I will reduce it down to 3, and then anyone who has one of the current ones and WANTS it reduced can ask Sr Staff to reduce it for them.
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  6. Sorry no screen shot. :( My streak is at 148. :cool:

    Will do, thanks for looking into the issue so quickly Aikar. You're da man!! :D
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  7. I hate to bump this thread but the helmet still doesn't work right, krysyyjane has worked with it and it is still messed up. Anything over Aqua Affinity I does not work, she made it II and it is still too bright under water. I can't be the only person to have issues with this amazing helmet.
  8. turn your brightness down?
  9. I can't post screen shots at work, but I can invite you to the PM if you want to see. At V you can not see anything, the whole screen is like looking through a glass of milk. I really want to use it, but as of right now it sits in my vault / chest. I would prefer not to run my brightness down for this one item since my normal helmet works nicely.
  10. Sr/CM can modify it to be AA 1 if you would like.
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  11. that makes no sense, if you want the helmet to work turn your brightness down otherwise use a regular helmet.... i like the extra aqua affinity and dont feel it needs a nerf because you dont wanna turn your brightness down. its nice to be able to mine at normal speeds underwater

    what you just said was equivalent to this: driving a manual is hard but i dont want to drive an automatic can someone make me a special car that is neither?
  12. going to leave it at higher values, and just let people who want it to be level 1 have theirs manually modified.
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  13. I don't understand how you can see with this helmet at all... I went to the bottom of the ocean and I couldn't see anything. I went to a bottom of a cave in the ocean and still could not see, it was all white. How is that working? Show me screen shots of this helmet functioning correctly at Aqua Affinity V. This Aqua III:
    Explain to me how this is considered working? Explain to me how I am asking for something special because I want something to work correctly.
  14. I think it behaves differently under different video settings/optifine usage.
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  15. ^that i just tooled around with optifine and got it working right. i think i had to turn render up fog off and brightness down
  16. Thanks Aikar. I run Minecraft at vanilla 'cause I am afraid of having a mod that is not approved, but I do have my lighting turned all the way up since I don't use optifine and work at bed rock most of the time. If it as simple as turning the lighting down, I will try it. But it is so bright I can't see how changing the lighting will change it that much. And to be honest I never considered changing the lighting.
  17. Here are screen shots of the helmet with Aqua II, video lighting all the way down:
    2014-04-11_18.36.33.png 2014-04-11_18.36.55.png
    So unless there are other settings I am at a loss...
  18. I, like others, suggest using optifine. It is completely approved so there should be no worries there. :)
  19. hmmmill have to wait till im in town to see which settings i tooled with to get it mostly normal. i remember rendering was one of them and fog but there might of been more
  20. It's respiration/ aqua affinity that causes this xD