New Up - and - Coming Wild Town! (Owned by the EMC Militia)

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  1. Hey Everybody!
    I'm here to welcome you all to a new city located in the SMP9 Wilderness. The City is owned by the EMC Militia, and is called Militropolis. We have been working tirelessly on the city for almost 2 months now, and we feel we would like the help of the community to expand.

    As of now, the city has a small Iron farm and XP farm, as well as a farming facility, storage block, hotel and residential areas. We are hoping to gain more buildings from new members!

    1) No Dirt or all Cobble buildings
    2) No Griefing. At All.
    3) You may take WHAT YOU NEED from any open chest in the storage block, but please replace it when you can.
    4) Only Build in the Northern or Southern Quarters, not in the Square (Unless you gain permission by Brattygull1631 or myself)
    5)Please do not give out the coordinates.

    To Apply:
    All you need to do is submit an EMC Militia application here. Once accepted, you can check our homepage for the coordinates. If you encounter any error applying please contact Marklea in-game or send me a PM on the site (I check multiple times a day)

    Napoleon3665: Founder of The EMC Militia and head of Security
    Marklea: Second in Command in the EMC Militia and Prime Minister of Militropolis
    BrattyGull1631- Mayor of Militropolis
    SkipFlanigan- Residential and Construction coordinator.
    EMC Militia members- Residence of Militropolis

    Jobs Available!
    Like all cities do, we have some community jobs that need to be filled. Some jobs have pay and others are volunteer opportunities. To apply for a Job, please post here with the folowing format:

    Job Applying For:
    What Skills do you have to do the job:
    Can you keep up with the time required?

    Upkeeper- Fixes any Creeper Damage or any other damage to the city that may occur. Pay is 1000r flat, and must come to the City at least twice a week

    Path Maker- Creates pathways or bridges around the city. Volunteer job.

    Supplier- (Must be resident of SMP9) Brings out needed supplies to the city. The supplier will be reimbursed for all products delivered, and paid an extra 20% This is a full time job, and requires that you be on SMP9 daily, but only need to come to the city if you are delivering.

    Community Builders- Create Buildings for the city that anybody can use, such as a Smelting or Potion Building. Volunteer Job

    Thanks everybody! I hope to see some of you out enjoying the city!
  2. your avatar pic made me say up loud your entire post in the voice of Bane:p
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  4. this.
  5. Well I can't put myself on any kind of schedule for you, but I could construct a building if you like.
  6. Sounds great :)
    All you need to do is submit an application, then you will be given the coords
  7. This needs to be seen more I am bumping for ya mark XD
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  8. Well, i have been in the city for a few days, but i haven't seen many others around.
    I am setting up a small house 200 blocks further until anyone else comes online
  9. I will be posting a few pictures in the near future.
  10. Which quarter northern or southern?
  11. well, i followed the coords from the website and i'm right there
  12. How do I apply for a job? I would like to be a supplier because I am on smp9 daily.