*NEW* 'Townys in the Wild' (Updated Community Wild Survival Guide)

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  1. So many of you know, there have been many posts about "Wild Survival Guides," Live Map help, etc.
    But here's the culmination of ALL that, and more with some of my ideas as well. (I will be taking suggestions in the comments as well)
    Let's begin.
    1. Preparing for the actual trip itself
    This is actually a very crucial part of the actual Wild journey itself. If you are a Towny, (Towny - definiton - A EMC Member who is domesticated or in this case, EMCticated. 2. A Member of EMC who does not enjoy the Wild and gets supplies by buying essentials.) I suggest stocking up on food, (bread, meats, or soup will do) (you could also bring some Mooshroom eggs to restock on Soup, though be careful, because egging in the Wild has a small fee.) tools, (Iron or Stone should do it) a little bit of building materials (in case you cant find any) a stack of torches, and finally, a buddy. IMPORTANT: Make sure the 'buddy' is someone you know in IRL or you trust them alot, do NOT I repeat do NOT go with strangers to the Wild, if you do, you are risking the chance that you might be "PvP'd (Pushes you in lava, uses flint and steel, blocks your mineshaft and places lava, etc). So make sure its an actually "buddy" in EMC. It would also help if your buddy has alot or a little bit more experience than you in the Wild/surviving in Vanilla. Once you have all this, you are set to do /wild.
    2. The Wild (A Dangerous, Vanilla, Non-Chocolate Place)
    Now, once your in the Wild, depending on your SMP, you will have different biomes at /wild spawn and at the outposts. Usually expect 1-2 Ocean/Water biomes (don't buy boats, you can find abandoned ones fore free), a regular forest biome, a Winter biome, and a Desert biome. You can usually find the biome suited to you (and your partners if you have one) liking. I usually suggest going with a 'regular' forest biome, as there are no harsh conditions (though trees might be barren in that area, that's why you brought some building materials from /town. Water biomes usually is 60% actually looking for land, and usually (usually) its small little smidgets of land that nobody would look at twice. But if you are planning for the Ocean voyage, make sure to bring plenty of saplings, seeds etc so you can be self-sufficient.
    The Wild is a dangerous and vanilla place, meaning no /home, no hunger regen's, no infinite health, and usually you're by yourself so you are lonely. Not to mention the mobs and infinte death pits. Now that you have understood the risks, we must move on to the third section - "Anti-Griefing and Hiding from the Griefers"
    3. Anti-Griefing and Hiding from the Grief
    Most people who play on Multiplayer on Minecraft have heard of the term, "griefing" (if you don't know, please smash your computer.) Basically the act of destroying another persons creation, stealing, defacing, ruining, trolling, TNTing (only achiveable in EMC by Diamond supps) you name it, griefers have done everything to ruins someone's day. Most people are against it. Then there's the few that a malicious, rule-breaking slime from the deepest parts of the Nether. These vile creatures are more dangerous than creepers and must be stopped. Though we can't stop it, we can prevent it. Simply by building far from spawn, (if you get lost, use the Live Map to get back) building underground, and also supporters have the access to be hidden from the Live Map completely. So if you are a Supporter, and a Towny and want to go to the Wild, make sure you do /map hide in the Wild as well as building underground far from spawn. This and also locking your chests (for 1000r) will prevent grief from coming your way. Now that you have understood Anti-Griefing, we will move on to the fourth and final section: Objectives, Precious Material, and Coming Back to Town.
    4. Objectives, Precious Materials, and Coming Back to Town.
    Some objectives in going to Wild rather than staying in Town: Achieving that true Singleplayer esque Vanilla feel while still playing on the greatest server there is. Now objectives and precious materials go hand in hand. Precious materials are things that are valuable in Town, which will make you money (if you have enough and don't overprice it)
    Examples of PM's: Diamonds, Gold, Iron, Coal, Smooth Stone, Stone Bricks, and Slime Balls.
    If you happen to stumble upon these items, (all achieved through mining except Slimes, which you have to first find Slimes (rare) then kill them for the Slime Balls) and Smooth Stone can only be mined using Silk Touch picks. Also, when attempting to find minerals, try to go to a regular forest biome >1000 blocks out and look for ravines/cave entrances/holes.
    Quite oftenly, these will lead to systems full of exposed ore (suggested by Ethereum) Also if you are alone, make sure not to visit caves (unless you have experience) as many of them have lava pits and mobs. Try digging in your own home and in straight lines so when you encounter lava you can counter it faster. (Suggested by floflo120) Now that you have gathered many precious materials, learned valuable survival experiences, now it is time to head back (usually you can go back to Town, example of staying in the Wild: LLO.) to that safe, non-creeper, Chocolate, people filled place you call "Town" Usually if you are far out, you must use the Live Map to get back. Simply click your name on the right bar on the Map, and your set. Make sure your in the proper area: Wild. After you get back, you can repeat this process and look at this Guide for help. Thanks for reading the guide! If you did, leave it a like and a comment!
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  2. Seems pretty well-You just forgot one thing to mention:

    When attempting to find minerals, try to go to a regular forest biome >1000 blocks out and look for ravines/cave entrances/holes.
    Quite oftenly, these will lead to systems full of exposed ore :)
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  3. Thanks! And great idea! Added to main post
  4. But if you're going mining solo, I wouldn't reccomend caves for a new player. Just too stressful dealing with the hostile mobs. I would suggest finding a flat area, close to water (in case you want to leave at night and not deal with mobs). Dig a staircase down (opposite direction from water), avoid caves and obviously water and lava. (by changing your tack), abandoned mines (at least until you're at a point where you're searching for a spawner.)

    Go down deep enough (I like levels 5 to 10) so you can find rarer ores (i.e. diamonds) and at one of those levels, start digging pararel tunnels on the chosen level. Space your tunnel by two blocks in order to see all the available ores.

    I agree with IamSaj that you don't need much to start. Full stack of food (meat, bread rather than melon) and a full stack of wood. Underground you will find everything needed apart from wood and food.

    One more point, dig as far in front of you as possible (that keep the most distance from the blocks beeing dug. That way you will have plenty of time to react when you encounter lava. Because you will...often.
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