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  1. I've been thinking through this idea for the past week or so and I thought it would be good if players were able to favorite residences. The command should be /Residence favorite <NUMBER> or Just /Residence favorite if you were already on that res. This would be a very useful command to have when you can't remember a shop's number, the persons name, or maybe you are just a forgetful person. I think this would come in handy when you start to go up into SMP6-9 because of the 4/5 digit residence numbers. Let me know what you guys think of this idea.

  2. I think it could be quite usefull to have a list of shops that could be accessed anywhere using the chat, its sure is better than having to place signs with the numbers of good shops or having to remember the name of someone that isnt on much.
    I would like this to be implemented, even dough it would only be a minor change, it is quite usefull
    EDIT: First ;)
    sorry, just had to do it :p
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  3. This would be useful.
    However, it may be like /res fav because most EMC commands are blissfully short.
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  4. Could easily be used to spam :/ (E.g.
    That is a very critical point, with the correct filters, could a be a good idea.
  5. Yes I just wrote it like that so it could be easily understood. & what about every player having their own list instead of a community list?
  6. Yah, Sorry I meant I like your idea, But maybe SDolivera's Not so much, sorry if it was confusing :p
  7. I did mean having a private list, not a single list everyone could access, that would be horrible.:confused:
    Sorry if you missunderstood, my english isnt very good. :D
  8. I do know you can use the Macro Mod to set favourite residences and just press a button and it auto takes you to the res.... Just saying if you wanted a way to access residences like that now, you could.
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  9. o-o
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  10. I have no idea why you would quote such a naughty thing.
    Great idea! It could also work with like say, I want to do a contest for reses, and I can't remember the numbers, so I have it in a list I created with the /res fav. :)
  11. Lol, I meant to put something after that. No idea how it mysteriously got erased. Let's retype it! :D

    I really like this idea, and I'm all for it. Maybe Aikar can add this to the to-do list... I keep forgetting krysyyjane9191's TARDIS residence on SMP2... :3
  12. What? Did you not know that those four servers existed?
  13. Wait how many servers are there on EMC let's count there's Utopia SMP1, SMP2, SMP3, SMP4, SMP5 Uh...

    Nah in all seriousness a /res fav would be useful when I first started out I had to write down all of the shops I visited frequently on a Book and Quill xD
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  14. NetherSpecter: The #1 cause of the extinction of Book and Quills.
  15. :( It's true, so true.
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  16. Although it would be rather useful having access to this command it would generate quite a lot of data which could potentially fill the hard drive for the servers. It may not seem like much but adding a little thing here and there top every player could take up a very large amount of server space.

    Honestly I recommend using the macro mod or macros on your mouse or keyboard. This way it is stored locally and can be used between accounts ;)
  17. Also the #2 cause of the extinction of keeping a pen and notebook near my computer, lol.
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  18. Well it's not my fault I have so much stuff going on and you cant keep up with it all :p Im jk
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  19. That might be a useful command, come to think of it.
  20. I don't even need to install mods for macros! I have them built in on my Mouse and keyboard. muahahhaah