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  1. Anyone Besides Me think se should add newer items "tools armor" and such out of different types of materials I personally think we should
  2. or new arrows exploding fish bait ender tools made using ender pearls to get end dust
  3. I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but I'd like to be able to make stairs out of endstone and pickaxes out of netherack :D
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  4. Wouldn't a netherack tool be awfully fragile? The stuff busts if you even look at it the wrong way while carrying a pickaxe. :p
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  5. All I want is obsidian tools :)
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  6. Well, yah, but a netherack pickaxe might work okay to break netherack!
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  7. This is true. *appears enlightened*
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  8. Glowstone tooooooollllsss :p

    No more torches needed
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  9. Obsidian tools, stone armor, Chainmail availblity, Feather armor, and a new use for dirt is all i want :p
  10. I'm thinking "flaming netherack arrows" using netherack instead of flint!
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  11. You can buy chain mail armor in any server store, the other 4 are beyond my skills to help you with though. I imagine feather armor would allow you to float to earth instead of falling, and stone armor would make you sink if you wore it in water. :p
    You can always use the dirt to patch up some holes and reps do the surface in the wild when it gets bad around spawn area, or donate it to a group formed to do this kind of thing. :)
  12. Dirt has quite a few uses:
    Grass allows sheep to regrow wool
    Dirt can be tilled to allow THREE types of crops to grow
    Trees can only be planted on dirt
    Sugar Cane can be planted on dirt (and sand)
    Animals will only spawn on Grass (Pre-1.8.0)
    Huge Mushrooms can only be grown on dirt

    Now lets compare that to gravel:
    Gravel obeys gravity
    Gravel produces flint

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  13. Very excellent points. I've noticed that, as I clean out my wilderness chests that every time I am leaving the dirt and gravel behind. Dirt would have much more value if the entire townworld were made of gravel.
  14. On every idea thread on EMC, I have always suggested more uses for gravel / flint. And Bones, but to a lesser extent. I'm perfectly content with what dirt can do, but for a second, be realistic: IT'S JUST DIRT. What do people expect it to do, exactly?
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  15. They expect it to fly and do magic tricks just like in real life ;)
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  16. Minecraft physics isn't advanced enough to emulate real life to that extent.
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  17. Turn to mud when it gets wet.
  18. Not yet it isn't :p
  19. Rub it on your face for camouflage?
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  20. I meant crafting recipes for dirt... I didnt mean to cause some crazy "What can dirt do" storm :eek: